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Morse Watchmans Key Control & Management System Expanded at Ohio University
The scalability of the Morse Watchmans key management solution installed at Ohio University in Athens has enabled security management to add six KeyWatcher® cabinets to their system. The expansion allows for all of the key control cabinets to be on the school's IT network for ease of management, efficiency and security. Click here to read

Case Studies
Palmetto Health Richland Practices Healthy Key Control
Palmetto Health Richland is a state of the art medical facility, located in Columbia, South Carolina. It is one of the largest and most progressive hospitals in the Southeast and is designated as one of only four Level 1Trauma Centers in the State. Palmetto Health Richland provides in-patient and out-patient services at its Columbia campus, which includes Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital, Children's Hospital and Heart Hospital. Click here to read

New York City's Plaza Hotel
Prior to the renovations, the Plaza Hotel utilized hard keys for guest room access. Plastic key card technology was implemented as part of the renovation. While the individual guest room door locks can now be “interrogated” for their access history, it is still necessary to secure and control the security keys used by the staff to access the guest rooms. Click here to read
RFID AssettrackingKey Watcher SolutionsGuard TourSecure Key Rings